New for 2019

Ice Guardian Playground Sign
Ice Guardian Playground Sign


Designed especially for schools to offer a high visibility effective warning to children, parents and teachers alike. Ideal for playgrounds, drop off points and access walkways. Also available in school uniform colours and school crest.


Is designed as a first line site entrance safety board, incorporating your company’s health and safety regulations along with an ice warning sign, providing a warning to both the public and contractors alike. This, coupled with the standard Ice Guardian repeaters around the your site offer the ideal warning message for ice related incidents


Offer a dual purpose warning, that incorporates an on-site speed message, along with a risk of ice warning message. Ideal for parts of a company site that has heavy plant and pedestrian walkways. Corporate colours and logos are available.


Manufactured as a yellow backing board, ideal for use in car parks and high density walkway areas.


A slightly smaller ice guardian unit ideal for bollard mounting or portable post mounting

American Ice Guardian


Limelight Signs are pleased to now offer the Ice Guardian Site Starter Pack.

The pack consists of the following and is an ideal start into ice guardian safety signs.

1 x HS1

1 x HS2 or HS3

2 x Standard Ice Guardians complete with corporate colour and logo.